What clients say about working with Leigh...

"For most of my adult life I've been on a personal quest to improve my health and eliminate headaches, lack of sleep, eczema and stomach pain. This journey has included many false starts and disappointments. The recommendation of going to see Leigh was in my mind a last chance. If this didn't work than I figured it was meant to be that I live with my symptoms the best that I could. Now I am at a two year point after beginning to work with Leigh and I'm in a place of positive health that I never imagined I could be. There are no words to describe the wonder of a full night of sleep, smooth skin and a day without head and stomach pain. I have these things in my life now because of the time and effort Leigh spent into getting to know me and finding out what works for my body. It was a hard process at times but in no part of the journey did Leigh stopped believing in my progress, even on the days I didn't believe. She helped with that, too. I cannot express what this has brought to my life and how thankful I am for being able to work with Leigh.

- Jennifer

"I've consulted with Dr. Leigh for the last 7 years. I started because I wasn't healing from a major surgery. What Dr. Leigh helped me uncover was that not only was I not healing due to severe internal inflammation, but most of my previously diagnosed health issues (that I thought I was stuck with) were also due to inflammation. With her guidance, I was finally able to heal and all my chronic issues resolved within weeks. Now, every time a new health challenge hits me, she is the first resource I trust to help me find out the root problem."

- Natasha


"I've spent the last year being 'sick.' I had a whole load of tummy troubles and not an idea of who to go to. After trips to my general, a gastroenterolist, plenty of testing with no answers and feeling like all hope was lost, I turned to Leigh. Leigh was kind and gracious welcoming me into her practice. She heard my concerns, scheduled forms for me to fill out and an initial meeting. Easy. After reviewing the forms, asking a series of questions and LISTENING to me - she immediately had a plan in place. She pinpointed the exact problem, has helped me follow through in making lifestyle changes to give me relief and has checked in with me numerous times to ensure I'm on my way to success. I am thankful she listened, I am thankful for her suggestions, I am thankful that I found someone that feels like they cared about helping me and not just rushing me through an appointment. It felt pretty significant to be heard and I'd refer her to anyone seeking answers."

- Betsy