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Hi, I'm Leigh and I'm an integrative and functional medicine dietitian helping health-conscious people solve complex issues through personalized nutrition.

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Debunking Myths of Hypothyroidism


Hypothyroidism is a common and burdensome health condition. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include constipation, dry skin, muscle pain, brittle hair, hair loss, fatigue, and difficulty losing weight...

What is the Ketogenic Diet All About?

Ok, so if you follow my Instagram, you know that I took a poll to decide whether I should blog about the ketogenic diet or the documentary “What the Health.” And, keto won, if only slightly...

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“I can't thank you enough. This has been more helpful than countless physicians I've seen over the years. I'm significantly less anxious and sleeping more peacefully in just 2 days.” - Leslie



“I was doing everything 'right', but I still felt at my worst. Leigh got to the root of my issues and I didn't need all my meds. Thank you for my renewed energy!”