If you want to jump on a call with me to figure out if we’re the perfect match, then let’s book a discovery call. You tell me about yourself, your goals, how ready you are to make changes and dig into your health issues, and you can ask me what it’s like to work with me.

Complete Nutrition Package

This is the most in-depth, comprehensive and high accessibility option to work with me. This is also the best value option.

A la Carte

If you want to pay for appointments as you go, you can work with me that way, too! I find that when you feel like you can access me anytime you need me, we tend to have the most success.

Pick My Brain





If you want to get my general opinion about a nutritional approach, diet, supplement or anything else about nutrition, you can book consultation with me. This would be great for anyone who is already pleased with their nutritional lifestyle and approach, but would like an expert opinion on a health issue or condition.

This is also a great option for other health professionals who want to pick my brain about anything from self-care, challenging clients or my thoughts on any nutrition topic.

Nutrigenomic Analysis

Take a deep dive into your genes and epigenetics (this is how your environment - think nutrients) can affect the way your genes are expressed. It's important to personalize your needs specifically, especially if you feel like your diet is dialed in, and you're still struggling with issues like anxiety, reaction to supplements, sleep difficulties, fatigue, sensitivities to foods, allergies, and other issues. A nutrigenomic assessment can help tailor your plan specifically for you.